Using Book Flyers to Market Your Book

I've been a freelance writer and need to be careful with my budget. In today's publishing world, authors are often asked to pay for some of the marketing. Like many authors, I have to make my marketing dollars go as far as possible. This led me to the idea of a book flyer.

Many flyers are available from the Internet and they come in different sizes. Templates are available, too. I have a graduate degree in art, but I don't have the computer graphics skills, so I turned to a professional designer. He did an amazing job and the flyer contains all the necessary elements I need: eye-catching colors, author photo, book cover(s), explanation, release date, and ordering information.

The information should be brief and clear. "This mystery keeps you wondering." "A heartwarming love story." "A must-have for nurses."

My book launch is several months away, yet I'm using this publicity piece now, and giving it to as many people as possible. If you're artistic, and have the computer skills, you may design your own flyer. How can you use it?

Post it on social media. In today's publishing world, social media are your best marketing tools. You need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,, and other websites. Get some coaching if you don't know how to do this. My grandchildren are my technical support and I'm grateful for their help.

Send it to NetGalley reviewers. Your publisher may have uploaded your book to this website. You will receive notice of who downloaded the book and who took the time to write a review. Send a thank you email to everyone on the list and attach a flyer.

Deliver one to the newspaper. City newspapers are always trolling for stories. Small town newspapers appreciate stories and images. Mail or personally deliver a flyer to the newspaper and include an information sheet about your book. Be sure to include a business card.

Talk with the folks at the public library. Make up a press kit, including the flyer, and deliver it personally. Ask to give a talk about your book. Tell them yo speak for free, that your talk don't be a commercial, and that it will contain new information.

Email it to a local magazine. I email the editor directly, and also attach an information sheet. persistence pays off, so stay in contact with the magazine. I just contacted a city magazine for the second time to remind the editor of my caregiving series, and attached a flyer.

Send it to close friends. You don't have to be pushy. Take a casual approach and say this is your latest writing project. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools and you want to generate buzz about your book.

Carry a copy with you. Often, when you're out and about, you meet people you haven't seen for months, or people who know you're a writer. When they ask you what you're working on, you can whip out your flyer and show them.