Thanksgiving Thoughts: Remembering my Daughter

Thanksgiving is a difficult holiday for me. My parents were married on Thanksgiving and I always sent them an anniversary card. My daughter was born on Thanksgiving and we always sang "Happy Birthday" to her at dinner time. Now my parents are gone, my daughter is gone, and there are no cards to buy and no songs to sing. How do I get through this holiday? I am selective about memories, for one thing. Instead of dwelling on sadness I think of the joy my parents and daughter brought to my life. Today, the extended family celebrates Thanksgiving differently and it has become a mini family reunion, something else that brings me joy. Giving is part of Thanksgiving and my husband and I have donated money to the local food bank in memory of our daughter. When times were tough she used the food bank and it is a fitting memorial to her. The best part of Thanksgiving is celebrating it with my twin grandchildren. They are college sophomores now, young adults pursuing their careers and their dreams. I am thankful for my family, my devoted husband, my grandchildren, and for life itself.