Speaking to Groups is Challenging and Fun

Over the years, I've given hundreds of presentations to various groups. Some groups were small, 12 to 20 people, and others were large, hundreds of people in a large meeting hall. I have to get my act together in order to give presentations. While giving presentations is fun, it also stimulating. Each presentation or workshop has to be organized, logical, meaningful, and most important, fit the group. I speak from the heart, include research findings, and practical tips for audience members. At the end of June, I'm giving two workshops at the Bereaved Parents of the USA National Gathering in Tampa, Florida. One is about creating a personal happiness plan. The other is about continuing my deceased daughter's mission of raising her twin children. Neither of these talks is easy, yet I will still enjoy giving them.

Both workshops have been outlined, and I'm working on sub-points now. I'm also working on meaningful handouts, handouts that people will want to keep and refer to later. My goal is to help those who are grieving and I'm honored to be asked to speak. Speaking about my multiple losses helps me and those who come to hear me. Shared experiences and words link us together. Onward to Tampa!