101 Affirmations to Ease Your Grief Jouney Now on the Kindle

According to a recent "Wallstreet Journal" article, 50% of the books that are purchased are electronic. How the publishing world has changed! Kindle and Nook reading devices make it easy for travelers to read books while they are away. Home readers also like these devices, which are improving all the time. With these thoughts in mind, I had my affirmations book converted for the Kindle. It sells for less than the paperback and is easy to read. You can read these affirmations whenever you nfeel you need a boost, and wherever you are in the world. Please remember, though, that 101 Affirmations to Ease Your Grief Journey: Words of Comfort, Words of Hope, is a caring gift for anyone who is grieving. Fresh flowers are thoughtful but, as I discovered in 2007 when four family members died, they fade quickly. Printed words do not fade, indeed, they can last for centuries.