Life's "Ah-Ha" Moments and What They Teach Us

All of us have "ah-ha" moments, a moment of clarity when something that wasn't clear suddenly becomes clear. I had an "ah-ha" moment in Boston last week at my Wheelock College reunion. The president of the college gave an inspiring talk about the state of the college and its future plans. She described the college founder, Lucy Wheelock, as a woman of vsion. Lucy Wheelock thought the world could be changed if education was mproved. When a Lucy Wheelock quote came on the screen tears came to my eyes. The quote: "Be bold, for there is much to do." This quote applies to many life situations. A bereaved parent, I thought of some of the ways I was bold after my daughter died. I thought of the grief resources I had written, books I never thought I would write, but enjoyed writing. I have two new books out and am working on marketing plans for them. My marketing plans need to be bold, I realized, and new writing projects need to be bold as well. Have you been bold lately? Think about some of your recent decisions and the consequeces of them. Boldness can be a path to the future.