Want to be a Writer?

Last week I met a writer with one published book to his name. Since his book sells well, he thought about writing a second one. "It's too much work," he admitted, "so I just revised my book." He speaks the truth. Writing is work, hard work, and you must deal with revisions, rejections, and comments from readers. During my 35+ years as a writer I've received compliments and thoughtless comments. One person became angry and told me he had planned to write the book I wrote. The difference between us is that I researched the book, spent weeks on the outline, worked on it for months, and submitted it to publishers. When I ask "wanna be" writers what they are working on at the moment, the answer is always the same -- nothing. Writers are supposed to write. If your goal is to become a writer I have some tips for you: 1. Write every day. 2. Find your genre. 3. Research publishers that produce books in this genre. 4. Write articles for www.ezinearticles.com 5. Work on a one-page query letter. 6. Create a resume, including volunteer writing positions. 7. Update your resume regularly. 8. Keep a file of submissions and rejections. 9. Be persistent. 10. Consider self-publishing.

Some people write one book and become instantly famous. But these authors are rare. Most of the authors I know work hard, keep at it, and savor the joy of writing. Good luck!