Maximizing Your Internet Presence

The other day I received an email from my publisher, asking me to think of two ways to market my book. and send the ideas to her. It was a thought-provoking -- and challenging -- request. Marketing grief resources is hard to begin with and really hard in this economy. I thought about her request for an hour, wrote my reply, and hit send. On impulse, I decided to call the Editor-in-Chief who sent the email. She was very friendly and was impressed with the marketing steps I had taken already. But her request is still in my mind. How could I maximize my Internet presence? How can you? Blogs have helped me stay current and this morning I answered a blog request from a radio show host who wanted to interview authors. My book may not fit her show, or it may, I have no way of knowing. Still, my reply appeared on the Internet and will be read by countless people. This is publicity. I am also trying to write one ezine article a day, something you may want to do. I've also joined a speakers' bureau and hope to receive requests and Internet citations soon. Marketing isn't easy, yet it is essential for sales. Pretend I am your senior editor. Can you think of two ways to market your book on the Internet? Post them on my blog.