The Challenges and Fun of Life-Long Learning

I belong to an historic study club, founded more than 125 years ago. An outgrowth of the Chautaqua movement, the club provided learning opportunities for women. Actually, there were several study clubs in Rochester, MN and each thought it was the best. Club members were required to give a research paper and presenting one's paper could take hours. According to records at the history center, most clubs didn't break for lunch, but would break for tea and a snack. Today, our research papers are shorter, around 45 minutes in length, yet preparing them can be daunting. My topic is the influence of the King James Bible (KJB) and, when I started the research process, realized I had chosen a topic worthy of a PhD. Though I can't present a thesis, I can convey the main influences and talk about English phrases that stem from the KJB. I love the research, love the writing, and look forward to giving my paper. You may belong to a study club or book club and understand my love of learning.