Political Discourse: Can You Express Your Views Courteously?

I'm apalled at the recent presidential ads attacking opponents. These ads "card stack" statistics, manipulate photos, and lie to make a point. Americans used to be able to express their views with civility. Today, civility seems to have disappeared. Friends of mine, people I used to think of as intelligent, kind, and giving, are posting nasty things on Facebook. Some posts are so awful I gasp when I read them. Posts ask readers to "vote" for their candidate by clicking on a photo or phrase. I refuse to respond. Instead, I'm donating money to the candidates I support and working for a candidate in my district. "Sorry, I don't discuss politics," I say. But I wish -- oh how I wish -- I could express my views without being attacked. Have we lost the ability express views courteously? Maybe. It's time for Americans to look at their own behavior and discourse. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are the building blocks of this nation. Let's grant each other these freedoms.