When the Kids Return to College

In 2007, my husband and I became our twin granchildren's guardians. The twins, one boy and one girl, have lived with us for five years. They are college juniors now, and eager to get back to the college routine. My grandson returned to the University of Minnesota today. Next Sunday my granddaughter returns to her college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Only one grandchild is gone, yet the house is much quieter. I don't hear my grandson whistling, or rock music, or the sound of him moving around in his room. Next week, after my granddaughter has gone, the house will really be quiet. Too quiet. I will miss them terribly. Having young people in the house again re-charged my energy and interest in life. Hopefully, the twins will miss us a little bit as well. After they are settled I will send them a care package. Are your children going back to college? How will you feel when they've gone?