Political Wanted Posters are Demeaning

A few days ago, the newspaper printed an article about a political group that printed wanted posters to protest two political candidates. The group didn't like the candidate's stand on an issue, hence the posters. I rarely write a letter to the editor, but the story dismayed me so that I sat down and wrote one. As a grandmother, I've seen many election cycles and this is one of the worst I've evern seen. Common courtesy seems to have disappeared. Candicates are stooping to rash accusations and theatrics like political posters. The wanted posters demean the organization that created them and paid for them. Worse, the wanted posters demean those who serve in government. I admire anyone who runs for office because I couldn't do it. This isn't just a political issue, it is a societal issue. Let's speak out against thoughtless accusations, wanted posters, and other nasty things. Instead, let's stand up for civility and respectful discourse. We need to do this for our communities, for America, and for generations to come.