Raspberries and the Last Fruits of Summer

I love fruit, all kinds of fruit, and raspberries are my favorite. Everything about them, their red color, their jewel-like appearance, and their sweetness appeals to me. In the summer time I eat raspberries like crazy. Raspberries and peaches are a wonderful combination, and eeach fruit enhances the other. But the leaves are starting to fall from the trees in Minnesota, a sure sign that fall is here. According to many, fall is three weeks early this year. Minnesota had a mild winter and an early spring this year, so it stands to reason that fall will be early. Though I won't miss the n 90+ degree temperatures we had all summer, I will miss the fruit -- lush red and green grapes, juicy peaches, refreshing melons, and more. Apples are appearing in grocery stores and soon, all too soon, the raspberries will be gone. So I'm pigging out on raspberries while I can and having a marvelous time. Do you love raspberries as much as I do?