The Values of Doing Nothing

Every so often (and I never know when it will happen), I take a day off and do nothing. I don't brainstorm, I don't outline, I don't write, I don't revise, I don't edit, I don't contact book industry people. Instead, I sit on the couch and read magazines, or a book, or watch television with the sound off. I doze a bit, and return to doing nothing. Of course, I still fix meals and do laundry, but that's it. Though I don't know when these days will appear, I know why they appear. My mind is on overload and my subconscious is telling me to stop, rest, and reflect. The human mind has been compred to a computer. Like a computer, sometimes I need to shut down and re-start. Still, my mental computer is running in the background and processing data. After a quiet day I'm always re-energized. The paragraph that was giving me trouble becomes easy. A flood of article ideas pop into my mind. New marketing ideas come to mind as well. In my 35+ years as a writer, I've learned to value nothing days. Each one is a treasure!