The Beauty of Fall in Minnesota

We have two oak trees in our back yard. They are at least 200 years old and existed before Rochester, MN was founded. In the summer time, these mighty oaks shade the house. In the fall, their leaves turn gold and orange and fall to the ground. In the winter, they turn to glass with a coating of ice. But now, the country hillsides are ablaze with color. With all of this beauty it is easy to dismiss -- even deny -- that winter is coming. But the squirrels that live in the woods are burying nuts as fast as they can. Stores are stocked with warm turtlenecks, fuzzy sweaters, and for true Minnesotans, anything made of fleece -- cardigans, scarves, hats, jammies, and robes. Though winter's chill is near, for now, I will enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. I will enjoy my beloved Minnesota.