Reviving a Forgotten Manuscript

Years ago, I started a book about walking. Though I worked hard on the book, I never quite finished it. Two weeks ago, when I was deleting old computer files, I came across the manuscript. "Hmmm," I muttered to myself. "It's a good start and just needs polishing." I edited the manuscript, added new information, and new resources. As the work progressed, I realized I needed to change the subtitle of the book, the order of the chapters, and update some facts. Then I began the uphill climb of finding a literary agent. Phone calls, emails, faxes, all were unsuccessful, so I moved on to contacting publishers directly. To my astonishment, a two-sentence email I sent to a publisher resulted in a phone call from the Chief Operating Officer. The CEO was interested in the book and we agreed to a verbal contract. Now I'm waiting for the written one. The moral of my freelancing story: Work harder and never give up.