Becoming Empty-Nesters Again

After my twin grandchildren's parents died in separate car crashes, my husband and I became GRGs, grandparents raising grandchildren. We accepted the task gladly, for we had raised teenagers before, and loved our grandchildren dearly. As the years passed, and our grandkids progressed from 10th grade to 11th, 11th grade to 12th, and graduation, we were protective of them, respectful of them, and loved them more each day. Then our grandkids left for their separate colleges and the house became quiet. Too quiet. We actually missed the drum practice, trumpet runs, rock music, choir music, and teenage laughter. Right now, we're the home our grandkids come home to during college breaks, so the house is alternately quiet and noisy. But things are changing. My grandson is spending the second half of his junior year in Argentina, too far away for home visits, and we're not even sure we can call him. My granddaughter leaves for Thailand in May and will be gone a month. Only one more year of college and our grandkids will be gone. We will have an empty nest again. I think my husband and I will adjust, but I don't think we will adjust quickly. We will miss our grandchildren terribly. We will worry about them. We will wish them well. We will back off and let them experience adulthood. Maybe an empty nest the second time around is a badge of honor.