The Excitement of Having a Book in Production

Nothing is like having a book in production. After working on a book for a year or more, in one case a dozen years, I can finally see the results of my labor. I love everything about the process: writing the back cover copy, submitting design suggestions, approving the interior layout, and working on the cover design. Seeing the cover for the first time is always exciting. Because I have a graduate degree in art, I can visualize the cover and interior pages in my mind. A local graphic designer created the covers of my last six books. He is sharp, talented, and stays up-to-date on treds. I've been so pleased with his designs I asked him to create the cover of my 32nd book. For hours, I looked at potential cover photos on a royalty-free website. In all, I must have looked at 1,000 photos and narrowed my choices down to four. The designer will choose the best photo and I can hardly wait to see which one he selects.

Now I'm proofreading my manuscript for the upteenth time, looking for stray periods, incorrect commas, spelling and layout errors. It's a tedious process and I need total quiet and concentration in order to do it. One of my friends, who has eagle eyes, also proofed the manuscript. Between us, we should catch the errors. Other authors, especially first-time ones, will understand the excitement of having a book in production. Many have likened the publication of a book to giving birth. Though it isn't really like that, the publication of a book is similar. I can hardly wait to hold the book in my hands.