Being Snowed In Develops Character

In the last two weeks we've been snowed in twice. My husband and I weren't snowed in for long, but we couldn't go anywhere. A huge drift covered the patio door, and when we opened the garage door we realized we couldn't go anywhere. Though we have plowing and shoveling service, we have to wait our turn. Right after the driveway was plowed the city plow came along and pushed a four-foot wall of snow across the driveway. So we had to wait for the plowing service to return. What did we do with our time? I wrote several articles and polished a manuscript. My husband paid bills and worked on the mail pile, which is always huge at our house. Fortunately, we were able to throw lots of mail away. Being snowed in made us slow down and we enjoyed many coversations over coffee. I did some baking as well. All in all, we decided we were grateful to have a warm house, enough food, and each other.