Does Your Book have Lazy or Savvy Layout?

This morning I am expecting a call from my publisher regarding the layout of my book. In preparation for the call, I looked through my manuscript, and compiled a list of layout suggestions. Notice that I said suggestions, not directions, because I am not a graphic designer. I am, however, a person with a graduate degree in art. Though I've never laid out a book, as I am writing ,I can see the cover and interior design in my mind. To get an idea of what is selling, I look at published books that have eye-catching covers and layout. Why am I drawn to the book? Are there design elements I could adapt? Dense layout -- too much copy on the page -- is something I want to avoid. The reader should have white spaces to rest his or her eyes and headings that draw guide them through the book from beginning to end. The layout should also support the book's purpose. All I can do is make suggestions. The final interior design is up to the pros. You may have a book in production now. If so, think long and hard about the layout. You want your book to look its best.