Internet Book Marketing: A New World for Me

Just because a publisher has posted my book on its website doesn't mean it will sell. It publishes grief resources and only those who know about the company will visit the website. Clearly, I need to get better at Internet book marketing. Guess I'm slow on the uptake, but I'm just beginning to understand the power of the Internet and how it can spark book sales. At the end of this month I'm participating in an online book "tour." The fact that it is called a tour amuses me. In addition to the tour I'm posting on a blog about writing. Of course I'm posting on Facebook.

Many authors ask people to write reviews of their books and post the reviews on Amazon. While this is a good idea, I was reluctant to do it. However, I did ask one expert to post a review and she was kind enough to do so. As soon as my latest book, Walking Woman: Step-by-Step to a Healthier Heart, appears on Amazon I will update my website. I try to keep it current, but every update costs more than I think. Still, I've received emails from several people complimenting me on the quality of my website and I am grateful for their emails.

Recently I updated my Amazon profile and I will add regular updating to my To Do list. I also continue to write articles for an Internet website that posts my bio at the end of each article. I'm not the only author who is discovering the power of Internet marketing. An author friend of mine is making similar discoveries and she has given me some leads. Both of us are working hard and both of us wrote our books because we wanted to help others, not make money.