Creativity: What's Age got to Do with It?

I have a book in production, write for three websites, contribute to blogs, and volunteer in my community. Yesterday I received a phone call from a colleague about the organization's newsletter. She needed someone to serve as editor, a long-term commitment and something I was unwilling to do. I told her I was in my late 70s, extremely busy, and couldn't sign up for this commitment. At first, my colleague congratulated me on my age. Later sge said she didn't realize I was that old. Well, I am.I've celebrated many birthdays, am a grandmother, and been married to the same marvelous man for 56 years. I'm an active older adult. You won't see me sitting in a rocking chair, marking time, and waiting to die. Certainly, my creativeness hasn't died. Today I am more creative than I've ever been and have more writing ideas than I can pursue. Maybe that is nature's plan. If we fail to use the gifts we've been given, we will gradually lose them. Experience has taught me the value of persistence, of keeping at it, of challenging myself, how to accept rejects, and celebrate a book sale.

There are more articles to write, more book ideas to consider, more organizations that need my time and experience. What's age got to do with creativity? Plenty. Like fine wine, we get better as we age. Older adults like me understand what we can do and what we cannot. We're kinder to ourselves and laugh a lot. Best of all, we savor every moment of life. Despite all the sorrow I have experienced, I am a happy person and I am blessed.