When the Writing Muse Strikes

Several weeks ago I had an idea for a new book. The process of going from an idea, to an outline, to writing copy, happened iin record time. I was consumed by the by the book idea and writing it. When I awaked in the morning I was was already revising paragraphs. While I was cookingI was generating new copy. After dinner in the evening, I jumped up from the table and returned to writing. That is the way it is with writers. When the muse strikes we answer the call and give it our best. Believe me, I am not complaining. Rather, I am grateful for every new idea, whether it works out or not, and the ability to string words into sentences, and for every published book. Some of my books have almost written themselves. During my career I have met many people who said they wanted to be writers. None of them was working on anything. If you really want to be a writer, or are already one, you know when it is time to sit down and write.

We can't keep the muse waiting.