Nothing Like a Book Contract to Brighten a Day

Authors like me can have book ideas, but our ideas are only as good as book contracts. For some time, a book idea had been swirling around in my mind. One day, without any advanced warning, I sat down at the computer and wrote the book outline. Two days later I was writing the first chapter. The book progressed so quickly I contacted my current publisher. I talked with the Executive Director, gave her my two-minute pitch, and asked if the company might be interested in the book. "Of course," she said. This spurred my writing and I became obsessed with the book, so obsessed that I wrote more than 10,000 words a week. I kept the publisher informed of my progress and requested an author agreement. A week later she emailed the agreement to me and I was relieved. Now our agreement was official and my book was really sold. Writers should not send a manuscript, printed or electronic, to a publisher without an agreement. I learned this lesson the hard way and have never forgotten it.

I signed the writer's agreement immediately and was excited for the rest of the day. It is rewarding to know my book will be published. Though I have many other published books, the one I am working on always gets the most attention. Judging one's own work is difficult, but I think this is one of the best books I have written. Seven experts in the field have agreed to review my book and I am grateful for their kindness. Hopefully, they will like the book and if they do not, I guess I will start another one. Another book idea is rattling around in my mind and I do now know what will happen. All I can do is wait and see.