Two Books in Production -- Hooray!

Starting a new book is exciting and writing it is also exciting. This month I have two books in production, one about walking for heart health and the other about recovering from grief. Having two books in production involves lots of detail work. I have to check the index page numbers, for example, and look for sentences that may have dropped out. Marketing is also something I have to consider. I've written a press release for one book and am relying on Amazon exposure for sales. I've created a mini poster for the second book, and will display it at a national conference in Boston. For the walking book, I've arranged a virtual book tour, with exposure on various websites. Since I've never done this before I don't know if it will generat sales.

During the last month I've written 10,000+ words a week, a feat for any author. Now I'm letting my creative well fill up again, though I still write short articles. Catching up on household tasks is also on my To Do list. While I was in an office supply store, I suddenly had an idea for a new book. I'm letting this idea percolate for a while to see if it is a real possibility. A writer's work is never done!