My Husband, an Amazing Father and Grandfather

On this Father's Day I think of all the years I shared with my husband. When we had our two daughters I saw his gentleness and kindness and these attributes continue today. We have been married almost 56 years and he can stll surprise me. I enjoy talking with my husband at dinner time, sharing ideas and opinions. He is my biggest booster and I hope I am his. The past six years have been challenging, to say the least, with four deaths in the family, including his father and our eldest daughter. Sometimes we wondered if we would survive such tragedy. But we have survived and come out stronger and more devoted than ever. My husband knows me better than I know myself. I rely on his wisdom and ability to cut through details and go straight to the heart of a problem. Most of all, I admire his steadfastness, a quality I recognized when we married so many years ago and a quality that continues to this day. I wouldn't be the person I am today were it not for my husband. He made me a better person, that's for sure. We -- my husband and I -- are a team and always will be.