The Power of Book Revisions and Patience

Sometimes book ideas come to me out of the blue. That's what happened two weeks ago. "Wow, this is a good idea," I thought to myself. Impulsively I emailed a publisher, met with the Director of Publishing, and she was excited about my idea. She tweaked the title a bit and then I was off and writing. I've been in the writing zone or two weeks now, encased in the world of words. In two weeks I created a basic book outline, a detailed outline, a marketing plan, and written 16,000 words. While I'm writing I think of James Michener. Most people don't want to be writers, Michener once said, they want to have been writers. Instead of doing the work these people want to walk into a book store and see a large display of their books. If only writing was that easy!

I've revised my manuscript three times and checked headings to make sure they're helpful and clear. The manuscript pages are piling up and so are the resources in my bibliography. Each revision makes my book better and brings me close to my dream of another published book. Writing is hard, challenging, and exciting work and I love it. Without writing I would be a different person.