Want to be a Writer?

Last week I met a writer with one published book to his name. Since his book sells well, he thought about writing a second one. "It's too much work," he admitted, "so I just revised my book." He speaks the truth. Writing is work, hard work, and you must deal with revisions, rejections, and comments from readers. During my 35+ years as a writer I've received compliments and thoughtless comments. One person became angry and told me he had planned to write the book I wrote. The difference between us is that I researched the book, spent weeks on the outline, worked on it for months, and submitted it to publishers. When I ask "wanna be" writers what they are working on at the moment, the answer is always the same -- nothing. Writers are supposed to write. If your goal is to become a writer I have some tips for you: 1. Write every day. 2. Find your genre. 3. Research publishers that produce books in this genre. 4. Write articles for www.ezinearticles.com 5. Work on a one-page query letter. 6. Create a resume, including volunteer writing positions. 7. Update your resume regularly. 8. Keep a file of submissions and rejections. 9. Be persistent. 10. Consider self-publishing.

Some people write one book and become instantly famous. But these authors are rare. Most of the authors I know work hard, keep at it, and savor the joy of writing. Good luck!

Free Stuff is Coming to This Website

Everybody likes to get things for free, even me. While I was creating handouts for two forthcoming presentations, I realized it would be a good idea to offer these handouts on my website for free. Readers could download them and, better yet, use them. The first handout you will see is a favorite of mine, and actually comes from my forthcoming book, Help! I'm Raising My Grandkids: Grandparents Adpating to Life's Surprises. It's called a "Grandparent's Bill of Rights." This handout comes from life experience and, while it contains helpful information, it also contains some smiles. You should be able to access the handout in a couple of weeks by clicking on the New Resources tab at the top of my home screen. Please share the handout with any grandparents you know who are raising their grandkids, or care for them on a regular basis.