Blessings of Being a Freelance Writer

I've been a freelance writer for 37 years. During this time I've witnessed the growth of the computer age, development of social media marketing, and become aware of the blessings of my writing career. Freelance writing demands discipline and persistence, yet it has distinct advantages.

I'm my own boss. For me, and other freelancers, this is a biggie. We determine our own hours, our own writing schedule, stick to this schedule, or depart from it when necessary. Sometimes I work too long and too hard, and have to force myself to take a break from writing.

I pick my writing projects. Because I am able to do this, I am excited about every article and book I write. In fact, I get so excited I can hardly sleep, am eager to get up in the morning, and start writing again. Some of the topics I've written about have surprised me.

I get to meet interesting people. After I've finished a book, I develop talks and workshops to go with it. Speaking to community groups is fun and I get as much from workshop attendees and they get from me. Writing links me with a broad variety of people, and this makes me feel like a citizen of the world.

I offer input on cover and layout. Thanks to a gradate degree in art, I can see every book cover in my mind and printed words on a page or computer screen. It has been a joy to work with my current publisher because the publishing team accepts my photo and layout suggestions. 

I can help with book marketing. Some writers may think this is a drag, but I think it's exciting. I get to try new book marketing strategies, appear on television, appear on talk radio, and blog talk radio. At this age and stage of life, I never thought I'd be posting on social media, but do it regularly.

I find joy in every project. Although every book doesn't turn out the way I planned, I find satisfaction in the fact that I researched a topic, write a good outline, and completed the manuscript. Even better, I get to hold each book in my hands.

You understand these blessings if you're a freelance writer. With careful observation, and awareness of our self-talk, and continuing to hone our craft, we can discover more blessings. I am thankful for my writing career and blessed to be a freelancer. Here's to freelancers everywhere