You Can't Let the Humbugs Get You Down

I've worked hard on Christmas. But my last gift idea has turned into a novel. First, I thought I had ordered bookends online. As it turned out, I didn't complete the order. So I looked up bookends on the Barnes & Noble website, found the pair I wanted, and went to the local store, only to find out they weren't in stock. The bookends were ordered and came today -- both of them broken. I braved the holiday traffic, drove in circles looking for a parking space, found one, returned the bookends and received a credit. Clearly, my gift idea for people I love wouldn't be under the tree. "I've got a case of the humbugs," I thought, "and I can't let them get me down." My gift idea is still a good one, the bookends will come eventually, and I will give them to the intended recipients. We may get the humbugs temporarily, yet we can give ourselves an attitude adjustment. In the end, Christmas and gift giving is all about love.