Helping Those Who Grieve

I continue to write about loss and grief. My grief reconciliation and recovery articles are posted on the Open to Hope Foundation website and EzineArticles. Right now I am trying to sell a book about grandparenting. It's an uphill battle in a down economy. Why do I continue to write? One reason is to track my feelings, but it is the lesser reason. The main reason is to help others. When I attended The Compassionate Friends Conference in Bloomington, MN last summer, I was struck by the power of shared grief and healing. Reaching out to others gives new purpose to my life and I just submitted two presentation proposals to two organizations. While I hope my proposals are accepted, it is't imperative. Helping others is what is important to me. If you want to share your feelings, or challenges, or successes, please post here. I will read every word!

In the Company of Bereaved Parents

Last weekend I autographed books at The Compassionate Friends national conference in Bloomington, MN. About 1,500 bereaved parents were there and all had a story to tell. I asked parents about their deceased children and listened to stories that were so sad all I could say was "I'm sorry." Still, I think bereaved parents benefit from sharing and knowing they are not alone. I was blessed to meet these parents and spend some time, however fleeting, with them.