Proofreading Online Requires Patience and Good Eyesight

I think of myself as a detail person. When I'm writing a book, I try to keep track of details such as spelling, indenting, and typos. The last few days I've been proofreading an electronic version of my latest book. Saving paper is the main reason I'm doing this. Each day, when I sit down at the computer, I find more errors. Some are left from text editing and sometimes I change a word because I like it better. Having older eyes also slows me down. Though I wear bifocals, I take them off when I'm writing and proofreading. Days have passed and I am still proofreading. To to a good job I feel like I need the eyes of a hawk. Next week I hope to submit an electronic version of my book to the publisher, so I have to keep at it. A proofreader has already gone through the manuscript once and I'm working on consistency, citing articles, newsletters, and books in a uniform way. Proofreading isn't for the lazy, that's for sure!