Helping Those Who Grieve

I continue to write about loss and grief. My grief reconciliation and recovery articles are posted on the Open to Hope Foundation website and EzineArticles. Right now I am trying to sell a book about grandparenting. It's an uphill battle in a down economy. Why do I continue to write? One reason is to track my feelings, but it is the lesser reason. The main reason is to help others. When I attended The Compassionate Friends Conference in Bloomington, MN last summer, I was struck by the power of shared grief and healing. Reaching out to others gives new purpose to my life and I just submitted two presentation proposals to two organizations. While I hope my proposals are accepted, it is't imperative. Helping others is what is important to me. If you want to share your feelings, or challenges, or successes, please post here. I will read every word!

Caring for Yourself While Grieving

Though you know how, it can be hard to care for yourself while you're grieving. There are so many things to do and so many feelings to process. Self-care was especially hard for me because I was caring for my twin grandchildren. My solutions: Stick to a routine, be kind to myself, and do what I love to do. I got up at 5 a.m. to write and I'm glad I did. How are you taking care of yourself?