The Family Caregiver's Cookbook
Book 4 in the Family Caregiver's series

You're in the caregiving trenches and barely make it through the day, let alone have the energy to prepare fancy meals. But meals don t have to be fancy or hard to make in order to be delicious, nutritious, and healthy. Harriet Hodgson, a dedicated home cook, former food writer, and family caregiver, wanted to fix delicious meals for her disabled husband. A creative cook, Harriet adapted favorite family recipes and created new ones for this book, reducing salt, fat, and sugar. Personal stories add to the recipes and each one ends with Caregiver Tips. You ll get tips on how to stock your pantry, speed shop for groceries, understand the effects of sodium, and practice food safety. The book is set in larger print that makes it easy to read. Treat your loved one and yourself to these easy-fix, delicious, and satisfying recipes. Make every meal a celebration of life!

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I recently said to a neighbor, “After 51 years of thinking up dinners, I want someone else to do the thinking for me.” Two days later I learn about Harriet Hodgson’s new cookbook. Cooking for my husband with dementia becomes more difficult as he is less willing to eat something that looks different or has to be cut up or will get his hands messy. Upon reading Harriet’s recipes, I see so many that will help my husband eat independently and with pleasure in the taste and texture. It is going to be fun for me to have newness in making dinner with easy recipes that are wholesome—and I don’t have to think them up! Thank you Harriet.

Peggy, Alzheimer’s caregiver

Harriet has lived the caregivers journey and has addressed the emotional realities of this journey in so many of her works. In The Family Caregiver’s Cookbook, Harriet addresses the practical reality that we must all eat, and that for the caregiver, time and money are precious and limited commodities, but with the right preparation, delicious, healthy, high quality food can and should be part of your life. The personal stories make this a fun read and the quality of the recipes are simple and delicious. I would highly recommend this not only for the caregiver, but also for all of us that are pressed for time and want to eat well.

Glen Lord, President, The Grief Toolbox 

This is a beautifully organized cookbook for caregivers who need ideas for wholesome, time sensitive, and straight forward meals. My favorite recipes by far were the Java Chili and the Wine Spaghetti. This book would be great with the addition of more pictures of the recipes, the ingredients, prepping and the finished meals. The lists, icons and design of the test make it very reader friendly for even the notice cook.

Mindith Rahman, NetGalley Reviewer

Harriet Hodgson is a passionate writer whose personal journey, as a caregiver, has made her acutely aware of the challenges caregivers face. This collection arose out of her realization that caregivers often lack the time to prepare tasty meals. The just over eighty recipes come from her years of scratch cooking and the joy she returned to in the kitchen. An interesting brief story and helpful “caregiver tips” accompany each recipe. The recipes require minimal preparation time and can be prepared with basic kitchen equipment. She encourages readers to think of grocery store runs as “a field trip.” Rather than snacking throughout the day, turning to fast food, heating boxed frozen dinners and/or consistently making other poor food choices, Hodgson offers a nice variety of appealing and healthy recipes as well as practical time-saving advice which will help you and your loved one eat better and feel better.

Margo Stich, Food Writer, “Dining Out” columnist, Post-Bulletin  

I really love this cookbook. The author has adapted her favorite recipes to her role as a full time caregiver. The result is a wonderful collection of delicious recipes anyone can find the time to prepare. The layout of the cookbook makes it extremely easy to follow. Along with the recipes, Harriet shares amusing and helpful anecdotes about each recipe, nicely personalizing the cookbook. So far, I have prepared the following recipes: tomato Basil Soup with Shells (my husband doesn’t like canned tomato soup but loves this.) I served it with the old standby, grilled cheese sandwiches), Cubed Steaks with Roquefort (I added some mushrooms I needed to use up and it was a tasty addition). However, this recipe is bound to be delicious no matter how it’s prepared. Beef Burgundy, probably my favorite and it would be a wonderful dish for a dinner party. Your guests will think you labored all day preparing this. The Glazed Pork Tenderloin is so simple and I love that you make your own sauce so you know it’s healthy. I’m saving my other favorite for last, the Easiest Mashed Potatoes Ever. This recipe will be added to all of my holiday menus for sure. It would be perfect with any main dish. I would probably leave the onions off if I served it for Thanksgiving with gravy. I’m looking forward to trying more and more of these recipes in the upcoming weeks. I’m also ordering extra copies of this cookbook for Christmas gifts for some of my lucky relatives.

Irene, Grandmother and family caregiver

Once again Harriet Hodgson has thoughtfully produced an insightful addition to other self-help books for those caring for family members. The recipes are so attractive in her new book with colorful pictures. I have always appreciated knowing what it is supposed to look like. They appear to be easy and fun to make. And, of course, to taste and share with your family member is a prize.

Marilyn DeSanto, RN, Grandmother

Speedy, healthy, and yummy recipes! Exactly what my family needs! Five out of five stars.

Janelle Forman, Educator and NetGalley Reviewer