So You're Raising Your Grandkids!
Tested Tips, Research, & Real-Life Stories to Make Your Life Easier


According to the US Census Bureau, more than 10% of all American grandparents are raising their grandkids, and the number is increasing. Included in this book are topics such as: methods for improving grandparent-grandchild communication, ideas for how you can connect with your grandchild's school, the latest child development information, and more. Hodgson draws on her 21 years of caregiving experience, including seven years of raising her twin grandkids. 




If you need reliable help in raising your grandchildren—this book could save your life! Written from the heart, it contains expert advice on helping grandchildren meet life's unexpected twists and turns. Highly recommended.

Robert L. Veninga, PhD, author, A Gift of Hope: How We Survive Our Tragedies

As with all of her writing, this understandable and easy-to-read contribution from Harriet Hodgson—bereaved mom, prolific author, and devoted grandmother—is wonderful! Her book is straightforward, practical and informative, and highly recommended for grandparents who unexpectedly find themselves in a parenting role.

Marty Tousley